Lower limb ischemia here.

Lower limb ischemia, a type of peripheral vascular disease , occurs when arteries in the abdomen or pelvis, called the aorta and iliac arteries narrow or become completely blocked each by developing atherosclerotic plaque deposits. As a result, not enough oxygen-rich blood gets to the legs, which cramps and pain and making it difficult to to walk or exercise here . Rarely the condition is so severe that gangrene develops or amputation of the affected limb is necessary.

Increasingly interventional radiologists treat the condition with a less invasive stenting procedure, in which a catheter or a thin, flexible tube is inserted through a small incision in the skin and is screwed to the location of the blocked artery. The vessel is pumped through a tiny opening used the stent is used to hold open the blood vessel. ‘The early results of stent placement suggested that it offered excellent short-term results in the treatment of this condition,’said lead researcher Timothy P. Associate professor of diagnostic imaging at Brown Medical School. ‘But the long-term results were needed to prove that the stent is a viable treatment option for this type of peripheral vascular disease. ‘.

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