The potential for mapping the risk of disease outbreaks is not limited to Africa.

The potential for mapping the risk of disease outbreaks is not limited to Africa. Previous research has shown that the risk maps are possible if the abundance of a virus to extremes of climatic conditions can be linked. Chikungunya in east Africa and Hantavirus and West Nile virus in the United States, for example, the conditions of precipitation extremes have been linked. – We have almost 30 years of vegetation data from satellites that provide us with a good basis for predicting, Linthicum said upon returning from a Rift Valley fever workshop in Cairo, Egypt in January. At this meeting it was clear that the use of this tool has become accepted as a basis for predictions than the norm..

Mike Samogala he never says time with his children for granted. Lately, these moments have meant even more. Just a few months ago that Mike diagnosed with eye cancer. It came without warning or symptoms. Nothing that I nothing I mean, every year you get your eyes examined and you can tell if you have your glasses or contact lenses be changed, and that’s how it was, ‘says Samogala.Are delighted to CPAX Aneurysm Treatment System NeuroVasx, a medical device company which developed technology for treatment of hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, announced that it received CE Mark for which cPAX Aneurysm Treatment System. Said system is a minimally invasive device cPAX embolization cerebral aneurysms or abnormal protuberances or bags in the wall one artery in the brain. If broken, can be lead in the solid cerebral hemorrhage aneurysms and are very often fatal.

On NeuroVasx, NeuroVasx, (is a privately owned medical device companies in the Maple Grove, MN , the company is in the development and marketing of technologies for a minimally invasive treatment of engaged hemorrhagic and that the worldwide market, the worldwide market potential. Stroke treatment equipment is estimated that over $ 3 billion in. NeuroVasx.

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