Your Medicine With You To The Hospital.

‘We are also taking steps to establish employers and managers of the need for clear reporting and ensure that they are widely promoted among employees remember so that nurses and midwives can be confident that the listen and respond to employers ‘s concerns. ‘ info more info .

Dr Peter Carter, RCN Chief Executive & General Secretary,’We are pleased with today’s result, that Margaret can continue to practice as a registered nurse is pleased to recognize this conclusion was that while the case raised complex questions competing obligations given her, had an unblemished career as a nurse and contributed significantly to the care of patients we want patients and the public for the great support they have given her.


Brought in, Your Medicine With You To The Hospital, Australiapatients who have taken hospitalized emergency services with an ambulance are less likely due to medication errors that stand it when their own medicines transported with them in the clinic, after a study in the published Medical Journal of Australia.

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